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What To Expect From Your First Visit

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On the day of your scheduled massage, plan on arriving at least 5 minutes before your scheduled massage time. This allows you to not feel frazzled or rushed. 

Before the massage begins, if it is your first session with me, you will be given an intake form. This form goes over your overall health, medical concerns and allows you to circle areas of pain and dictate what you are looking to gain from your massage (relaxation, stress relief, relief from chronic pain, trouble sleeping, etc).

After the intake form is completed, I will go over it with you. In this time, I will come up with a plan of treatment to help accomplish your wellness goals.

I will leave the room so you have privacy while you disrobe. All jewelry should be removed so it does not disrupt the rhythm of the massage. Underwear can be removed or left on (optional) and make yourself comfortable on the table, beneath the sheet and blanket. You will remain completely draped throughout the massage & I will check in with you on pressure and temperature to make sure you are completely comfortable.

At the end of the massage, allow yourself a few moments before getting off the table as it is not uncommon to feel dizzy. I will meet you outside the door with some water & discuss ways for prolonging the effects of the massage for maximum results.

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